Helene Hardy – Carer for 8 years to my husband

I pledge to continue raising awareness about the carers situation.  I was a carer for 8 years to my husband.  It took its toll on all the family in vary many ways.  I am fortunate in that I was able to keep my job (with reduced hours and a most caring environment). I did not chose to be a carer, I cared for my husband until death do us part because I loved him and will do forever.  I wish that there was more venues for moral support for carers as well as respite, if only an hour a week….I will continue to work towards more access for information, support and respite for carers in my area.  I would like to have some sort of drop in center of information  for carers, were it in the hospital, the CLSC, the pharmacy or the library.  I was fortunate despite very bleak circumstances and I do want to give back. I dream of the day where carers actually get training to be able to provide support to their loved ones and to themselves.