Rosamond Regimbald

When it is your time to be counted as a Caregiver, stand up proudly, be amongst the ones comforting and get comfort and blessings back a hundred fold.

Mark Brightburn

I will join hands with all Canadian Carers from here in the UK … because I CARE.

Rod Moshtaghi

I pledge to help a startup working with Caregivers maximize its impact by providing them with a roadmap that will maximize their chance of success.

Rick Lauber

I will continue to share my caregiving story, listen, help and support, respect, understand, and advocate for Canada’s unpaid caregivers.

Kara Yantha

At Lumino Health, we’re bringing resources, apps, products, and services together in one place to support caregivers in their essential role … because WE CARE.

Connexions Resource Centre

Hospice of Waterloo Region

We are committed to respecting and supporting carers dealing with a loved ones life limiting illness and at the end of life.

Soul Letters

We pledge to support caregivers by helping them and their loved ones undertake the important task of writing a heartfelt and affirming final letter.


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