Canadian organizations who are providing supports and services to make a difference in the lives of caregivers. Given the unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is even more important to have organizations such as these continuing to support caring Canadians.

Bringing technology-based solutions to caregivers

Connecting you with the help you need, First Link

Developing digital family care hub

Bringing an intuitive tool to coordinate, budget, and share

Supporting family caregivers in healthcare

Providing resources, mental health support and education

Providing programs, services and strong advocacy

Providing respite and security to caregivers

Connecting caregivers with each other

Creating individualized goals and interventions

Creating Caregiver Club in Toronto & York region

Bringing evidence-informed caregiver practices

Keeping Connected, a virtual companionship service

Supporting caregivers in making informed choices

Inspiring sons and daughters caring for aging parents

Providing access to information, education and support

Building resilience through change

Funding services for caregivers across Quebec

Building caregiver-friendly workplaces

Providing flexible individualized programming

Connecting the Dots to enhance caregivers’ experience

Advocating for fair access to needed support

Being point of access to information and support

Managing a plan of action to help live with PD

Bringing together local and regional organizations

Enabling self-care and symptom management

Expediting research to practice

Celebrating caregivers, Heart of Home Care Award

Supporting patients and caregivers in your homes and communities

Unlocking the keys to a better illness experience

Empowering young caregivers to achieve their full potential

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