Organizations Supporting Caregivers

As Canada’s technology and aging network, AGE-WELL exists to bring technology-based solutions to older adults and their caregivers. This mission is more important than ever in light of the pandemic. Over 4,700 seniors and caregivers are involved with AGE-WELL to ensure that products developed are practical and will be used. Communications platforms, smart-home sensors, wandering-detection systems, wearables—these are just some of the technologies, services and practices being developed or already making a difference in people’s lives. Learn more.

Alzheimer Society First Link® directs support for people living with dementia and their caregivers. It can be difficult for individuals or their loved ones to ask for help following a dementia diagnosis. A referral to the Alzheimer Society First Link® program will connect you with local health services and resources suited to your needs. With First Link, you can receive personal counselling or group support, meet people with shared experiences, and get help to plan your future. Visit to learn more and find your local society. Learn more.

Bayshore believes it is important to have families and caregivers involved in the development of a patient’s care plan and engaged through a care journey. With this goal, we have made significant investments in the develop of our digital patient and family care hub which enhances the caregiver experience by providing real time updates on care visits, access to self-scheduling for virtual visits with nurses, and leading-edge communication tools that help reduce the stress and burden of managing healthcare in the home.  Learn more.

CareEasy is a FREE app designed to support those who support others. The easy-to-use mobile app provides family caregivers with the resources and assistance they need to look after their aging loved ones. It allows for coordination of tasks between a circle of care, as well as share expenses/budgets. Finally, it allows families to share notes and memories. A partnership between Elizz and RBC. Learn more.

Caregiver Centered Care is a Program of Applied Research & Innovation in Health Services Delivery led by Dr. Jasneet Parmar University of Alberta, UofA Department of Family Medicine. COVID-19 pandemic reinforced the tremendous role of, and significant contributions made by family caregivers to our healthcare system and society. Our Foundational Caregiver-Centered Care Education is designed to educate all health providers who interact with family caregivers about person-centered care for family caregivers. It is free online and participants receive a continuing competence certificate. Learn more.

Founded in 2001 by a group of concerned caregivers, Caregivers Alberta provides resources, mental health support and education for people caring for family members or friends – the first and only organization of its kind in the province. Led by caregivers, our award-winning COMPASS program is a supportive multi-session workshop that helps caregivers balance their own well-being with the challenges of caregiving. It’s a judgment-free environment where caregivers discuss guilt, grief, stress and communication while learning to navigate the journey ahead.  Learn more.

At Caregivers Nova Scotia, we are focused on empowering caregivers, supporting their efforts, and recognizing the invaluable contribution they make to those in need. We do this through programs, support groups, advocacy, and services all geared toward the unique needs of friends and family giving care. We are here to help in every way we can. Whether you require some information, would like to talk to someone on the phone, or attend one of our peer support groups, we will be there for you. Learn more.

CarePartners knows caring for an ill family member can be very challenging and often tiring. We can take on some of the responsibilities associated with caring for someone with an illness or injury so that you can take care of yourself. CarePartners help make sure the person you are caring for is safe and comfortable in their home by providing safety supervision, social engagement, respite care, medication reminders, home management and home safety, overnight care. Learn more.

Caring Touch believes it’s important for caregivers to take a break, get out, and meet other caregivers with similar concerns and issues. Our Care Caregiver Support Program invites caregivers to share stories, strategies, and find new ways to cope with personal challenges. By meeting once per week, caregivers will learn to share problems and help each other to cope better in a safe, caring environment leaving the meeting feeling supported. Learn more.

CBI Home Health’s Care for the Caregiver Program puts caregivers front and centre, where we are able to support them in feeling heard, valued, connected, and confident so they are better able to cope at home while supporting a loved one at home. We work with caregivers to create individualized goals and customized interventions and provide timely access to appropriate resources. For more information, please see our Care for the Caregiver Guide. Learn more.

Circle of Care, part of Sinai Health, offers a variety of programs and supports for caregivers, including respite; client and family counseling; bereavement support; and support groups. Our Caregiver Club, funded by the Petro-Canada CareMakers Foundation, offers social work support, education, peer support and a caregivers recognition program. We welcome caregivers who are providing unpaid support to a family member, friend or loved one who is a senior age 55+ living in Toronto or York region. Learn more.

For close to 30 years, the CREGÉS has developed a domain of expertise focussed on the development and knowledge transfer of evidence-informed practices in relation to caregivers. CREGÉS is proud to showcase the recent work of two of its researchers and leading social work scholars in improving support for families and communities who provide care through innovative tools: Dr. Shari Brotman’s work on Lived Experiences of Aging Immigrants: a narrative-photovoice study and Dr. Tamara Sussman’s research on Strengthening a palliative approach in long-term care, known as SPA-LTC . Learn more.

In 2015, Closing the Gap launched the Keeping Connected Program as a virtual companionship service that supports caregivers and other vulnerable older adults in Ontario. By proactively calling them on a regular basis, the Keeping Connected program aims to achieve two outcomes for clients receiving phone calls: (1) Improve their sense of wellbeing through the social connection and (2) Ensure that if there is any health deterioration, healthcare providers will be notified to prevent a potential hospital admission.  Learn more.

Caregivers are the glue that binds seniors care in the community. At Eastern Health we are committed to senior’s care and caregiver support. We provide a number of programs, services and resources links that can assist seniors and their caregivers in making informed choices about their health and well-being. When we support our seniors, we are supporting their caregivers. Learn more.

Elizz is for sons and daughters caring for aging parents. Elizz offers Canadian caregivers with timely content, blogs, educational resources, and videos. Elizz Coaches are available for 1:1 sessions to help caregivers plan and navigate, and deal with the stresses of caregiving. Elizz Marketplace is a one-stop shop for products and services to make caregiving more manageable. And Elizz’s Caregivers in the Workplace program is designed to help employers support their caregiver employees. Learn more.

Family Caregivers of BC (FCBC) is a provincial, not-for-profit that proudly and compassionately supports over 1 million people in British Columbia that provide physical and/or emotional care to a family member, friend, or neighbour. FCBC supports caregivers by providing access to information, education and supports that enable caregivers to feel more confident and successful in their important role.
FCBC provides direct support to caregivers through one-on-one emotional support, caregiver support groups, health care system navigation, and free educational resources.  Learn more.

Huddol Journeys is a digital application that is your dedicated life coach for personal growth and transformation. Go on a journey of self-discovery and unlock your best self.  Learn more.

Established in 2009, l’Appui pour les proches aidants is a non-profit organization funded by the Quebec government. Our mission is to improve the quality of life of the caregivers in Quebec and to ensure they are recognized for what they do. L’Appui funds services for caregivers across Quebec and offers two services to guide caregivers: a directory listing resources by region and Caregiver Support—a free, confidential and professional phone consultation service available every day, between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. To contact us: 1 855 852-7784. Learn more.

In Canada, 35% of the workforce are carer-workers who are simultaneously managing unpaid adult/elder care responsibilities. Lack of workplace support results in avoidable costs to employers. In partnership with 10 researchers and committed partners, McMaster University is working to scale up the complimentary CSA Caregiver Inclusive and Accommodating Workplace Standard across Canada and the world. With 13 research projects, we are building the evidence for carer-friendly workplaces, while enhancing work-life balance, retention, autonomy and reducing health insurance costs.  Learn more.

Northwood’s Outreach Program supports the Members & Caregivers of our Adult Day Program through (1) creation of specialized, dementia friendly videos for the client and caregiver to enjoy at home; (2) monthly telephone visit with clients who may benefit from a friendly call; (3) virtual client visit beginning soon, using the “Teams” platform for the virtual visits; (4) website for Outreach Program where caregivers can access videos, and education material; (5) caregiver education and information resources; communication – printable and or activities via email.  Learn more.

In partnership with primary care, hospitals, home and community care providers, ONE CARE Home and Community Support Services helped launch Connecting the Dots. Using the expertise of caregivers this co-design project developed educational supports for caregivers and health providers and caregiver assessment tools designed to identify needs and plan supports that prevent caregiver burnout. We continue to develop integrated care, coordinate services and pilot technology to enable seamless communication and care to enhance client and caregiver experience. Learn more.

With over 3.3 million Ontarians caring for a family member or friend, Ontario Caregiver Coalition’s mission is to improve the lives of caregivers by advocating for fair access to needed supports. We encourage both individuals and organizations to join our Coalition. Collectively, our voices can have greater impact on policy makers and influence change. Learn more.

The Ontario Caregiver Organization supports Ontario’s 3.3 million caregivers with educational resources and supports including: a Helpline(24/7) and a Live Chat (Mon-Fri 7a.m to 9 p.m.) to help caregivers identify supports in their community, Covid-19 Tip Sheets, Monthly Webinars and virtual Peer Support Programs (group and 1:1). The Ontario Caregiver Organization also has a dedicated website for young caregivers ( which includes resources, a discussion board, and a peer support program.   Learn more.

Established in 2018, Parkinson Society Nova Scotia provide educational materials, advocate, liaise with researchers, and provide support for Parkinson’s, care partners and families in Nova Scotia. We are here to provide you with guidance and support to develop and manage a plan of action to help you live with PD. For more information, contact PSNS at (02-404-0792, or 902 943-3717.  Learn more.

Created in 2000, the Regroupement des Aidants Naturels du Quebec (RANQ) has 114 members and represents more than 41,000 caregivers throughout Quebec. The RANQ brings together local and regional associations, groups and organizations that work towards improving the life conditions of caregivers. Our mission is to improve the quality of life of caregivers in the province of Quebec by protecting their rights and interests, as well as those of the community organizations that support them.  Learn more.

Spectrum supports caregivers and their families by offering respite services to provide caregivers additional support and care whenever and wherever they need. We also provide educational resources and best practices to support the education of caregivers including information about self-care and symptom management. Learn more.

Care is at the heart of family life, and the Vanier Institute of the Family works with those who study, serve and support families to enhance the national understanding of the importance, value and impact of caregiver and caregiving. Through publications, presentations, research and partnerships, the Institute expedites research to practice and facilitates evidence-based decision-making in Canada.   Learn more.

VHA Home HealthCare (VHA) is committed to client and family-centred care and to incorporating Client Voice into all we do. For over 15 years, VHA has been recognizing and celebrating unpaid caregivers with the Heart of Home Care Awards. This year’s Heart of Home Care event will be held virtually on April 6 and will feature helpful workshops and information for unpaid caregivers along with the announcement of this year’s Heart of Home Care Award winners.  Learn more.

For nearly 125 years, VON has brought care and comfort to people where they live. VON Adult Day programs in more than 50 communities – many offering overnight respite – ensure your loved one’s days are active and fulfilling. Visiting Nursing, Home Support and Hospice at Home bring expert care into your loved one’s home, and give you insight and input into that care. We are Canada’s longest-serving home and community care charity.  Learn more.

The Waiting Room Revolution is a podcast about being hopeful and prepared when facing serious illness. The co-hosts are health care insiders who have information, tips, and keys on how to unlock a better illness experience. The tips are inspired from the lessons learned from thousands of patients and caregivers they have served. Each episode features interviews with patients, caregivers, or health care providers, where they share practical tips that are simple to understand and can be used by anyone right away. Created by Drs. Hsien Seow and Samantha Winemaker.   Learn more.

Young Caregivers Association supports young caregivers ages 5-25 who support someone in their family. We offer a variety of virtual programs and services across Canada, specific to the needs of caregivers just at a younger age. We offer recreational programs on a weekly basis that gives young caregivers a break from their responsibilities and a time to connect with others in similar situations. We also offer individual counselling and support groups for young caregivers and their parents.  Learn more.

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