It is crucial that caregivers are recognized and their needs are identified. Family caregivers must be assessed for their specific needs and provided with emotional, psychological and physical support in order to sustain their continued contribution to the provision of care and ensure their personal well-being is not negatively impacted by their caregiving responsibilities.

To help family caregivers achieve this support, accessible and flexible respite must be offered. Respite for caregivers involves a break from caregiving responsibilities, and must meet the caregiver’s self-defined needs for relief, time off, and/or the experience of some rejuvenation and peace of mind. Health care and social programs can aid family caregivers, as they can provide adequate support and respite services tailored to the diverse needs of caregivers.

This Day is for Me

Silver Donald Cameron, a former caregiver himself, eloquently describes the caregiving experience, how eight projects have tried to address respite differently, and why it is critically important for all levels of Canadian society to recognize and support the caregivers in our midst.

Download his essay here.

Toward Recovery & Well-Being: A Framework for a Mental Health Strategy for Canada (November 2009)

“Goal Four: The role of families in promoting well-being and providing care is recognized, and their needs are supported”.

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Room 217

Room 217 therapeutic music resources have been specifically designed to create a pathway of soothing comfort through life’s transitions. They may provide support to those with complex care needs, life challenging illness, those facing stressful times in their lives, and those who are looking for calm and relaxation in the midst of their life journey. – Bev Foster

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Respite for Family Caregivers – An Environmental Scan of Publicly-funded Programs in Canada

This report is an environmental scan of respite for family caregivers provided by publicly funded programs in Canada at the federal, provincial and territorial level. Several types of respite programs are examined (in-home, facility-based, day programs, and so on) from the perspective of the user profile, eligibility criteria, cost to user, level of demand and special features, if any.

Download the report here.

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