Financial Security

Many family caregivers experience an undue financial burden that results from their caregiving obligations. Caregiving can tend to have a negative financial impact on employed family caregivers, as they are often forced to reduce work hours, miss work days, or forego job opportunities. Out-of-pocket expenses are also a significant issue for a number of family caregivers, as unemployment can lead to an absence of benefits and many services and medications needed are not covered.

In order to alleviate this hardship, a number of policies must be altered and implemented to allow caregivers to access a range of financial relief options. These can take the form of tax-credits and benefit programs that will alleviate out-of-pocket expenses and address reduced income due to loss of capacity to maintain full or stable employment.

Economic Security for Caregivers: A Policy Development Process to Better Support Unpaid Caregivers.

This report summarizes the proceedings of a national forum organized in cooperation with the Canadian Association for Community Care to examine policy issues surrounding unpaid caregiving. Recommendations are made for next steps.

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Paying Caregivers: A Briefing Paper

This briefing paper is based on research carried out as part of the Hidden Costs Invisible Contributions research project. It is an overview of issues and questions concerning the issue of paying family members in recognition of the care they provide.

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Evaluating Canada’s Compassionate Care Benefit – From the Perspective of Family Caregivers (March 2010)

This study has aimed to provide policymakers with the information required on how to improve the CCB program and better meet the needs of family caregivers in Canada.

Download the report here.

Developing Supports for Employed Caregivers

One of 14 national pilots presented in March at the Caregiver Toolkit Symposium in Toronto. The National Caregiver Toolkit Project was led by Dr. Penny MacCourt, University of Victoria, and sponsored by the British Columbia Psychogeriatric Association (BCPGA) with a contribution from the Government of Canada.

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Caregiver Benefit – Nova Scotia

The Caregiver Benefit is a province-wide program which recognizes the important role of caregivers and supports their efforts to assist loved ones and friends. We know that caregivers need support themselves so that they can continue to provide care to their family members or friends.

Download the program brief here.

Manitoba’s New Primary Caregiver Tax Credit

Manitobans who act as the primary caregivers for spouses, relatives, neighbours or friends who live at home in Manitoba may now be eligible for a $1,020 tax credit. This credit recognizes the vital support caregivers provide to those needing care.

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