Canadian Caregiver Strategy

Over the past fourteen years, the CCC has built a solid track record of successes, including the development of numerous policy papers, hosting national and international forums and targeted advocacy. In 2008, the CCC introduced a Framework for a Canadian Caregiver Strategy that included recommendations identified by family caregivers and caregiver support organizations across the country. Subsequent consultations on the Framework have resulted in the release of a final Caregiver Strategy in 2013 that reinforces the following five essential actions to support family caregivers:

  1. Safeguard the health and well-being of family caregivers.
  2. Minimize the financial burden placed on family caregivers.
  3. Enable access to user friendly information and education.
  4. Create flexible workplace / educational environments that respect caregiving obligations.
  5. Invest in research on family caregiving as a foundation for evidence-informed decision making.
  • Download the Canadian Caregiver Strategy
  • Download the progress report on the Canadian Caregiver Strategy

The CCC networking and engagement work is focused on strengthening and building local coalitions/networks to support caregivers in each jurisdiction.   We continue to reach out to multi-disciplinary stakeholders across the country to strengthen our national voice.

The CCC was a catalyst in the development and shaping of both the Ontario Caregiver Coalition and the Manitoba Caregiver Coalition and supports the caregiver networks in British Columbia, Alberta, Quebec and Nova Scotia.

The CCC is a proud founding member of the International Alliance of Carer Organizations (link, a collaborative of carers organizations committed to building a global understanding of, and respect for, the vital role of family carers.

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