Over 8 million Canadians are caregivers; that’s one in four people. We all know someone either personally, socially or professionally who is a caregiver. Without them, our health system would be faced with increased costs in the billions of dollars. The contributions they make, monetarily, socially and emotionally are invaluable. Caregivers are often referred to as our invisible health partners. On behalf of Carers Canada, we are here to tell you that they can no longer, must no longer, be invisible.

Unpaid caregivers are the increasingly common thread through health, home and social care. They provide a crucial safety net for national health care structures across the world. Carers Canada and the Canadian Home Care Association hosted the International Forum on Care and Caregiving on November 22, at Munk School of Global of Global Affairs and Public Policy, to advance this increasingly significant global health agenda.

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By exploring common challenges and national and international opportunities, the Forum provided a unique platform to draw on world-class research, innovative policies and put a spotlight on practical solutions to support care and unpaid caregiving. Themes at the Forum included ‘mobility and migration’, ‘technology and care’, ‘work and care’, ‘respite and recognition’, ‘information and expertise’ and ‘minimizing financial burden’.

Delegates expressed how valuable the Forum was for building their networks and making new connections to move their shared agendas forward. They felt they could leverage new knowledge and apply learnings to their organization’s work.

 Nadine Henningsen, Chief Executive of Carers Canada and the Canadian Home Care Association, and Chair of the International Alliance of Caregivers Organizations (IACO), also officially launched the IACO and Embracing Carers™ landmark report, the Global State of Care. The report is the foundation for the development of a global action plan that will improve the quality of life and support the needs of all unpaid caregivers around the world.

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A milestone for Canadian Carers

Prime Minister’s Statement in Recognition of Carers

For the first time in Canada, our Prime Minister is releasing a statement recognizing the diversity, role and value of carers on April 4 – National Carers Day. This is an action that many carers and diverse stakeholders across Canada have collectively advocated for over the years. This acknowledgement marks a pivotal step in advancing a national agenda to provide the necessary supports for individuals who take on an unpaid caring role. Watch video

International Projects

Carers Canada collaborated on a global initiative to better understand the impacts of caregiving for carers of persons with heart failure. Coordinated  by the International Alliance of Carer Organizations (IACO) and supported by Novartis, the study was conducted in Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and United States. With the support of diverse organizations across Canada, we heard from 295 Canadian caregivers on their experiences.