Identifying and responding to the needs of caregivers


Our vision is “a Canada that recognizes, respects, and values the integral role of carers in society”;  to enhance the quality of life for carers through synergistic partnerships and strategic advocacy. As an alliance of diverse organizations, Carers Canada is committed to:

  • Engaging and listening to caregivers.
  • Collaborating with partners and stakeholders.
  • Shared accountability.


Established in 2000, Carers Canada embodies and reinforces the national and international movement to ensure the recognition and inclusion of carers in social policy. Our partner organizations work together and individually to positively impact the lives of caregivers. Together we:

  • Promote awareness of the role and value of carers.
  • Support a Carer Manifesto that informs and influences government policy and programs.
  • Stimulate collective action that addresses carers’ priorities and needs.


Building a strong caregiver network

Carers Canada is a national coalition of diverse federal and provincial organizations that join with carers, providers, policy makers and other stakeholders to affect positive change for carers. To ensure effective social change, Carers Canada employs a flexible engagement model that provides numerous opportunities for partners to take on an active role in collective goals.

Our network of diverse partners contribute to the advancement of shared goals through a collaborative organizational model. Partners demonstrate their commitment and support through:

  • Inclusion of their logo in communications.
  • Contributions to events and activities.
  • Informing their networks about Carers Canada and our work.
  • Involvement in joint advocacy.


A catalyst for capacity building

To support carers in across Canada, Carers Canada was a catalyst in the development of the Ontario Caregiver Coalition and the Manitoba Caregiver Coalition, in addition to our work with caregiver networks across Canada and Internationally.

Caregivers Alberta

The province’s only grassroots organization exclusively dedicated to helping caregivers maintain their own well-being through education, support, networking and advocacy.

Family Caregivers of British Columbia

A non-profit society whose mission is to improve quality of life for family caregivers through support, information, and education.  They provide leadership to strengthen the voice of family caregivers and promote the significance of their role.

Manitoba Caregiver Coalition

A group of individuals and organizations that join with caregivers, service providers, policy makers and other stakeholders to identify and respond to the needs of caregivers in Manitoba.

Ontario Caregiver Coalition

A group of individuals and organizations dedicated to recognizing the importance of unpaid caregivers in Ontario by raising awareness of the value they add to the health care system, and by advocating for improved, fair access to needed supports.


Huddol believes that caring better, means caring together. Huddol connects caregivers across the country into a supportive community of people on the care journey and a network of helping professionals.

International Alliance of Carer Organizations (IACO)

Cares Canada is a proud founding member of the International Alliance of Carer Organizations, a collaborative of carers organizations committed to building a global understanding of, and respect for, carers.


Carers Canada is able to effect change through the generous funding support from the following organizations. On behalf of our partners, thank you.